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Economy. Selected Works

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An incursion in the trajectory of economic decisions in Romania's last quarter of a century.

Characteristic for the central banker vocation, the concern for offering society economic and financial balance and sustainability is a genuine motif of this volume. Otherwise, it would have been not only a surprise, but also a warning signal.

Wilhelm Salater

Economy. Selected Works - Descriere și informații

In the heat of events, under the pressure of time and despite the many risks and uncertainties they are faced with, economic policies makers look for the optimal choice, working with temporary dates and prognosis that not always turn to be true. In consequence, the dilemmas, even trilemmas, and the controversies are inevitable. The permanent confrontation between theory and reality creates the expertise necessary for the rigorous grounding of some economic policy decisions. This expertise also leads to the elaboration of some studies, remarkable for their insight and relevance. Such expertise can be found in the 16 papers reunited between the covers of this volume, which is part of a series of volumes meant to mark the 140th annniversary of BNR, all of them containing articles published by specialists of this institution in the last three decades.

Anul apariției: 2023

Format: 15.5 × 23 cm

Număr pagini: 344

Format ediție: Hardcover

ISBN : 978-606-44-1385-7

Economy. Selected Works - Cărți asemănătoare